R.J.LOTTI Sociedade de Advogados is specialized in assisting companies and individuals interested in real estate legal acquisitions.

We start by researching and selecting a property that meets the client’s needs and profile; then we take part in the public auction, join the legal proceedings in which the transaction occurred, until actually transferring the asset, with vesting of possession and the release or cancellation of any and every existing encumbrance.

In this context, R.J.LOTTI aims at turning property legal acquisition into a safe method of making real estate investments, by using specific strategies, exclusively developed by its experienced cooperators, who have a history of more than thirty years of successful operations.

Legal Advice

The Office offers legal advice to its clients, by previously and fully analyzing whether the judicial alienation of real estate is possible.

Apart from helping select the best opportunities of real estate investment according to the market; our Office is mostly concerned with the legal safety of judicial acquisitions.

After mapping the procedural and legal status of the property to be acquired, the professionals working for our Law Firm, aware of the obstacles they might face, participate in the public auction, ready to take all the legal and administrative actions necessary for the full release of the property.

In this scenario, R.J.LOTTI not only offers legal services to clients interested in acquiring properties at public auctions but also works as a real partner, committed to generate opportunities of safe real estate projects.


We work before the Labor, Tax Municipal, State and Federal Courts, in procedures of forced or voluntary alienation.

Legal measures seeking the effective release of the property, when necessary, are brought in all levels, either administrative or judicial, with the handling of appeals, lawsuits and notifications.

Our performance in legal proceedings result from the experience we have gained over time, standing out for the development of innovative strategies, planned by highly qualified professionals, and that became leading cases in our field of activity.